About a week ago, I was having a conversation with my yoga instructor about myself. Why yes I am a college student. Yes I am a waitress. Yes I am wearing Victoria's secret yoga pants to yoga. It was right then, that I though of myself as cliche, but really I am anything but that.

I've had my bout of health problems. From my thyroid to my gluten intolerance. Which you can read more about here. Even though my life revolves somewhat around my gluten free lifestyle, I am much more dimensional than that.

My Philosophy on Health
Health isn't being skinny. Health isn't having your general practitioner say "You seem to be good". Health is keeping a clean body, and mind. Not only is it putting healthy things in your mouth, its about being well adjusted. Sometimes my body is weak and I can't get on the treadmill as easier as others. But when we find a balance between the gym, our emotions, our physical health, and how we treat others, only then can we be healthy.

What I know
Not to be huffy, but I think I have more to offer in explaining nutrition than your average blogger. Har har aren't I cool? I am a sophmore in college and am studying dietetics, so I come home every day knowing that much more about the body, and nutrition and how they relate.

What I do
Other than being a student, I waitress at a Japanese resturant. Yes I am one of those white people that ruins your asian experience... my bad.

I consider myself a good server. I know a lot about sushi and feeling out the customers. Half of the time my only customer is my boyfriend. He's more of a part of the atmosphere of the resturant than the fish in the tanks. We feed him, he sits there, little kids poke him... ya know. Oh and he eats a ton of crappy food.

What this will be about
So this will not be:
  • A food journal
  • An exercise blog
  • A gluten free blog
  • A foodie blog
  • A college blog
Well... it won't be about all of those singualarly. It'll be about all this and more. But mostly a healthy lifestyle. 

The cast...
Your's truely...

Charles the boyfriend

And Fonzie the kitten... he is the murphy to my Tina ;)

And lots of food stuffs, sarcasm, sushi and the gym :)

So stop on by eh?