My Story

For the first 16 years of my life, I had no problem with health, and not much of a problem with weight. I sat at about 130 lbs for most of my life.

Until  I stepped on a scale, and realized I was over 150 lbs.

My lifestyle changed over night. I began running daily, and restricting calories. Thing about losing weight is that people tell you how great you look, and you want to hear it more and more. Eventually I realized I had began to restrict too much, and started to just live normally.

A few months later, I fainted at work. This was followed by heart palpitations, more fainting, hair loss and more weight loss. At this point people had pinned me as either anorexic, very sick, or my favorite "pregnant". I look pregnant don't it?
It was undeniable that I was getting far too thin, far too fast. Regardless of how much I ate, which was a lot. After almost 6 months of being terribly ill, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease. Which is a disease where your immune system believes your thyroid is something of a cancer, and begins to attact it, therefore throwing your thyroid out of wack. My endocrinologist was a saint however, and whipped me right back into shape in time for college.

After my health was regained I put back on some weight in muscle and was pretty much one of the healthiest dietetics majors in college.

Look at those calves baby! :D

However, I started to feel a little funny again. I got blood tests taken and my thyroid was fine, but my antibodies were a little high. Which I didn't know at the time meant yet another autoimmune disease was forming in my body.

I went from going to the gym daily and making straight "A's" in school to being groggy constantly and gaining an excess of weight. I would sleep up to 18 hours a day and couldn't button a single pair of pants. But being a dietetics major, I was able to self diagnose (and later legitimately diagnose) myself as Gluten Intolerant.

This new found news changed my life. Once the inital shock was over, I got myself off the Gluten and back into shape. I was feeling so good that I enrolled myself in The Disney College program, and moved to Orlando, FL, looking and feeling great!

I meet a nice fellow named Charles ;) (still my boyfriend now)

However, once there I realized that working in a gift shop in Disney World is no "Mickey Mouse job". The job was physical labor, mentally exhausting and not in the least fun at all. I worked so much that I lost my gym time, and wasn't able to be as strict with my gluten free diet at all. I began fainting at work, gaining weight, and being overall exhausted. Charles and I decided to pack up the car and move back to Texas and wave the mouse "goodbye".

So here I am... one kitten richer...

One apartment to be responsible for, and a waitressing job.

I'm just your average college student who is passionate about food really when it all boils down to it. I care about my gluten free lifestyle, as well as my exercise habits. I love yoga, turbokick, making cupcakes, my kitten, and my boyfriend. And as a dietetics major I can bring more of a proffesional view to the table. So, stop on by? :]