You can't eat what???


I’m Michelle. I’m 19 and have gone through a lot of soul searching, traveling and school in those 19 years.

I was born on Long Island, NY where my parents owned a swatch card business in the city. After a series of events, we wound up moving to San Antonio, TX… and then DFW, TX after more events. I arrived here just in time for high school. Most significantly, I was a member of the debate team.

Where I got to wake up at 5 am on weekends to go to other high schools and compete in lovely get-ups such as this-

And I even go to go to debate camp in DC!

Later in highschool I secured my career of champions as a cashier at Staples. Comfy in my long distance relationship, and my sedentary life style, I slowly began to grow more and more out of shape, until one day where I decided to turn it all around. I lost 10+ lbs and was happy with my results.

Then strangely, I lost another 15 lbs. Considering that I had returned to an unhealthy lifestyle it was a total mystery to doctors and myself. Heart palpitations, fainting, the works. Finally I was diagnosed with hashimoto's thyroiditis. I struggled through the effects of the synthroid and watched my hair fall out just as millions of Americans do.

Once my strength slowly began to regain, I turned back into a fitness and heath freak and looked great in time for college where I majored in dietetics

However once again weird symptoms arose. And life began to flat line. That’s when I decided I was leaving Denton, TX and going to Walt Disney World in Orlando as a college program cast member.

I packed up my Honda

Meet the guy of my dreams from New Jersey.

And settled into my job in Disney sporting this lovely ensamble!

And this one…

….and this one…

Those weird symptoms stuck around though. Eventually it was diagnosed at Gluten Intolerance. And as my health deteriorated and I got sick of all of the bow ties in my life, my Jersey boyfriend took the leap of his life and moved back to Texas with me.

So here I am. Gluten intolerant, avid baker, gym rat, girlfriend, mother a to Persian kitten, and all around obnoxiously opinionated. I think I’ve got good advice though….

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