It's at 5:00... or is it 6:00?

It was 6:00. But I went at 5:00. My class at the gym that it.

I planned on going to 24 lift, a weight class at 24 hr fitness. It's not very strenuous so I drove to the gym looking for a relaxed workout. Once I got there it took about 5 seconds for me to realize that it was most definetly not lift once I saw that the class was filled with personal trainers. Needless to say, training camp kicked my butt!

Once I got home the boyfriend, Charles and I decided to go out to eat. We chose a local restaurant called Taco Diner. We ordered queso with corn chips as a starter.

And a taco salad as an entree.

After I noticed the chicken still had skin and the salad was swimming in salt, I went right back to the queso and finished it all off :]

As if we didn't have enough queso, Charles just had to stop off at Albertson to get some more.
Man I am going to be sore tomorrow. My stomach, legs, and arms. Yikes. But it was a good night... how could it not be when I got to see this lovely bumper sticker?

Good night lovelies :]

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