Left Behind

So my whole family left me today. Parents to Italy and brother to New York. Why am I still in Dallas? Good question. Remember when I said I worked at Disney? Well I was supposed to be there until August... but I left earlier for school purposes, which is why I didn't book my trip. But don't worry, they're taking pictures of the food :]

But life still went on for me. As well as work. I work at a Japanese restaurant part time as a waitress, and all in all it's a good job for a college student. I think that everyone should be able to go into a restaurant kitchen once in there life... and see how much butter and mystery ingredients are in their food. But my resturant isn't too bad considering it has hibachi grills.

So for lunch I had a snow crab roll, hold the soy sauce of course :]

Then once I got home I found something in my parents closet that doesn't belong...

Later that night in true Charles fashion, he had a repeat of his dinner last night. It was really a great gluten free recipie though:

GF Taco Salad

2 cups iceberg lettuce
1 chopped tomato
1 diced bellpepper
6oz baked chicken seasoned with pepper
1/4 cup of organic salsa

It was really cheap for too! We only spent $7 on all of the ingredients.

For dessert for Charles I made a not so gluten free cupcake. Orange/ vanilla with orange zest.

So that was my Un-Italian night :/ But honestly, I'm not sure how I'd eat all of the wonderful food with my gluten intolerance. I'd spend half of the trip sick.

So here's a good question for you gluten free folk:

Would you eat Pizza/ Pasta if you went to Italy and sacrifice your health for a delicious downfall?

Gluten for thought :]

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