My Gluten Free Lifestyle

So this blog isn't specifically about being gluten- free, because as someone who is studying to be an RD, I can give more fresh insight on nutrition than most health blogger. But I wanted to talk a little bit about my own Gluten free life.

I first discovered my intolerance shortly after I was diagnosed with my first autoimmune disease, hashimotos. I constantly had intestinal pain, and all of a sudden someone who didn't nap since they were 16 months old, was able to sleep over 18 hours a day. All I would do is go to class, then collapse in my dorm from fatigue. I used my own knowledge as a dietetics student to figure out the problem.

But how do I cope today?

Well every day I take one stomach enzyme with every meal

They strengthen your digestive system and add enzymes that those of us with digestive problems lack. And they even off set some gluten reactions.

Also, if you can eat oats, do it. Oatmeal is the same exact consistency as your stomach. After a bad reaction from gluten or digesting something difficult like raw meat, your stomach isn't in the best shape. In fact, it's in pretty bad shape. When I get a bad reaction, I go for oatmeal. If you're not sensitive to it, or you can just get if GF, it will be really forgiving to your war-torn stomach. It takes pretty much nothing to digest it, so it gives your stomach time to heal.

And my favorite trick, comes in powder form. My mom turned me onto it while on my first detox a few months back, and let me tell ya, if you have a FEMcentre near you or any access to this poweder, GET IT.

I throw it into my magic bullet with a cup of mixed berries, flax seeds and pomegrante juice and there's nothing better to strengthen your stomach. And added to the oatmeal, it makes a breakfest that will help heal your stomach that has an AMAZING amount of antioxidants. And seriously... it's yummy :]

So GF a'int easy. But it isn't too hard either if you know your facts. But everyone's different. So enlighten me,

What are your gluten intolerant/celiac symptoms like? And how do you cope?

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