Hungry Sunday

Well not for me... more so for my mom. Remember when I said she was trying that HCG diet? Well personally from what I know about it, I don't advocate it. It's a hormone in your body that distributes food to the baby, but if there's no baby, your body eats its own fat. A tad unnatural..? And that's not all. You can only eat 500 calories a day. But regardless, I guess I'll see how it works. But before you start you binge non-stop to get as much fat in your body as possible.

So this is what I caught... some fried rice from my work...

And this carvel shake with whipped cream.

My mom isn't an unhealthy person so she's in agony at the moment. I'll update you for sure.

I actually haven't gotten the chance to go to the gym yet today. However, last night I got in a great work out.

I did my yoga DVD in the morning. I love Joseph Stingley as a yoga instructor. The movements are so fluid. It's not just "um do this for 30 seconds... then this.... then this...". One thing I can't get though... The Crow. :/
Too much upper body strength. But I'll get there!

Then later I got my butt in the gym and got on the ellipitical for 60 minutes :)

Lunch for me was just a California roll from work.

Always a winner :)

The apartment is really coming along now!

Here's the couch, and the entertainment center. (Excuse the mess!)

Charles is quite handy so he handled most of the physical work. Here's him hanging a picture.

And the finished product. $5 painting ;)

Then he begged me to make him this mystery substance.... yuck. How do I allow him to eat this?

So the money is super tight right now between me and Charles. So soon to come is a blog post oh how I save money... which I'm actually not half bad at, at all.

Until then...
Do you ever eat cup of noodles?

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