R-r-r-round 39!

Ever since I joined 24 hr fitness over a year ago, Turbo Kick has been the only work-out class for me. Don't get me wrong, I love yoga and spin, but Turbo has a special place in my heart. If you haven't ever heard of it, it's a choreographed cardio routine with kicks, punches and other dance/ kickboxing kind of moves. There are 41 rounds of different choreography to date, but my favorite is 39 which we did this week.

Here's the turbo section. Which is basically 2 minutes of getting your heart rate to a 10 :)


Once again, I can't go to the gym if I eat too much. So I went with another strawberry, pomegrante juice smoothie.

I'm still in my parents house until the apartment is done, so I am currently plagued with the misfortune of watching my mother eating. My mom is a really healthy person. However, about a year ago, her father passesd away from lung cancer which caused her to quit smoking, while simultaneously having an incredibly low thyroid. All an equation for weight gain that isn't easily lost for women over 50. After trying everything to lost the weight, she's now trying the HCG diet. Which is a pregnancy hormone that helps you rapidly lose weight. Before getting on it however, you have to binge.

So she had this...
And lots of these...

And don't forget this...

While I ate my rabbit food...

And she's not done yet.

So got a few big pieces last night. A TV Stand, bookcase and side/ coffee tables. We're getting there ;)

Time for more shopping, but I'll leave you with this... my mom's diet sounds like kindaaa a fad to me. Have you ever tried any fad diets? Cabbage soup, South Beach, or the HCG?

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