Moving Day!

Well sort of. Charles is at work today so I can only do so much by myself. As of yesterday there wasn't any real furniture in the apartment. Only clothes, dishes etc. Now being a college student we got a lot of hand-me down and cheapy furniture. Starting with the couch-
That was originally my parents couch, but they upgraded so they put this one in storage and we got a truck to move it over. Bringing that thing upstairs was not something I was willing to enlist people to do. So since my mom works for a high end moving company as a customer service rep, she hooked me up with a truck and two guys to carry this monster up 3 flights of tight stairs.

Then the table
I got the table at Target for $60. And that TV sitting on it was a gift from my dad when I moved to Orlando for a while (I was a Disney World Intern). Then the chairs are actually antique. My great grandmothers. They're actually in great condition, so I just bought seat covers for $4 each at Target. And that owl painting is done by yours truly ;)


So after all of this, my dad and I went to Chili's for lunch. Not my favorite, but it was close. Generally people think that fast food is the worst kind of food you can buy, however restaurants are far worse. Though they're prepared a little better, the portion sizes are out of control. Even when you order a salad or something that sounds light. So I usually ask for two plates to ration it out, or a to go box.

When we were seated, the hostess felt obligated to give me some crayons. Ya know, everyone's in the mood for coloring after moving into their apartment, closer to their college >_<
After my age was completely undermined, I wound up with a Asian Salad.

When ordered without a creamy peanut dressing and the crispy won tons, it wasn't half bad. The chicken was really moist.

So it's off to the gym for me! More moving tonight!

Did you buy really cheap furniture for your first apartment? Or did your parents help you out?

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