Temptations of a waitress

As if cheating on a good day of eating isn't hard enough sometimes for a regular person, you don't even want to know what it's like for a waitress. I look at tempura, white rice, and sushi all day, and sometimes have no qualms about eating them. Which I'm sure a lot of people can relate to, where ever you work. So I just wanted to take a minute while I'm on my break to go through what I as a waitress at a unhealthy restaurant and a dietetics major simultaneously does to avoid all of the starch and meats swimming in butter.

Ok so I'm already at work right? So why don't I actually work? Sometimes when myself or others are bored at work, or even at home, our minds kind of wander right? You know that feeling when you just don't know what to do with yourself, so you might as well eat. Whenever this feeling comes over me at work when I'm slow, I go through a list in my head of everything I can possibly do instead of eat. Prep for tomorrow, help my co-workers. Same thing goes for home. Pull out a to-do list, or any other option other than mindlessly eat. Try something else for 30 min, and see if you still want to eat.

Understand What You're Doing
Sometimes when I hand people some food, I think "bleh, really? All that butter? All of those calories?" (that's the dietetion in me talking). But when we're tempted by something, all we see is the food for what it really is. Before I eat a bowl of fried rice, I go through the ingredients. White rice, butter, soy sauce, eggs... more butter. Now do really want it anymore after I really think about it? Nope.

Have other food at hand at all times
Being gluten free has taught me how important to have other food at hand. Something like these apples in a bag.
Always saves me :].

I Let Myself Cheat
If you deprive your body of what it really wants for too long, it's eventually going to binge. You have to let yourself cheat every once in a while which brings me to my lunch...

A salmon roll ;). C'mon... salmon is really lean fish that's oily and packed with Omega 3's.

Well time to go back to work. Hopefully I won't go for the white rice... :P

So question-
What's your biggest food temptation? How do you avoid it?

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