Gluten Free Fried Rice

That was the highlight of my evening folks. If you're GF I'm sure you've heard that P.F. Chang's Gluten Free menu a'int half bad. Their gluten free fried rice kinda lacks a little bit of luster though. The portion is HUGE and whatever sauce they use to season it is a tad bland.

So I work in a Japanese resturant right? And temptation of eating something you shouldn't is bad enough in the first place, but when you serve plates and plates of it to a hundred people a day, it's tourture. So I explained to the chef in the best spanish I could that I couldn't eat soy sauce, and if he could use my Gluten Free teriyaki to make me Fried Rice. And HOLY YUM! The flavor so rich and more potent than that of regular fried rice.

For all of my gluten free, other food allergy, or just adventerous people who like their food a specific way, this is actually really common in the restuant business. I've had people hand me their own seasoning, basil and mint grown from their own garden and even someone give a hibachi chef bacon and ask him to mix it with his filet mingnon. So if you want your meal made with a lighter butter, a gluten free sauce, or your own ingredients, don't be afraid to ask! Resturants are there to cook for you afterall, right?

So looks like I'll be working with more Japanese food all day. And when I say "all day" I mean 10:30am-10:30pm. Gross.

So question-
Do you have any favorite resturant dish that you wish you could modify? And if so, how?

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