Short Term Goals

If you ask me, short term goals make the day to day life more exciting. But when you're a student, the summer is not really the ideal time to set up some goals. Summer can either be really exciting, or just flat-line. I've had short-term goals like, get ready for vacation, make X amount of money... loose 5 lbs. Well I nearly always want to do that. But as for now, I'd say that I can set up a goal for just getting into my new place. Hopefully that'll be soon!


So I decided to go to Yoga this morning which always helps me loosen up for the rest of the day. But I don't know about you, but I cannot eat before I work out. Especially yoga. The entire time, I just taste my breakfest and am inches away from rolling up my mat and walking out. So I went with a smoothie. Before blending I add my intest restore powder, frozen fruits, and pomegrante juice.

And blended...


That breakest sat really well on my stomach. Best thing I could've done before yoga. The class I take at 24 hr fitness is very intermediate and fluid. One movement after another perfectly flowing together. I'm no Yogi, nor could I survive an advanced class, but I really advocate yoga as a exercise.


After getting back around noon I threw some chicken in the bottom of a salad bowl along with lettuce, lots of feta and green goddess dressing. Yum :] I love fresh summer salads.

Seems like my boys weren't as ready for as early of a start as me today...

That's my boyfriend Charles and my kitty Fonzie. And they weren't so happy to see me huh?

Well time for more moving and work :/ I'm gonna try to give the chef at work some gluten free soy sauce and ask him to make me GF fried rice. Have a good one!

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