$3 Sushi

$3 sushi rolls are saving my life right now. Not because I'm eating them... but because they made me $125 in tips last night!.... Which I could've eaten 41 sushi rolls after a whoping 12 hour shift on my feet yesterday, but man did I need this money.

If you weren't aware I moved out of my parents house and into an apartment this week. And heck, for a full time student, part time waitress, that is anything but cheap. Let's make a list shall we?

$70- Renters Insurance
$125- Deposit with the complex
$325- Electricity Deposist
$425- Pet Deposit
$60- Kitchen table...still no chairs
$110- Junk my boyfriend bought at Walmart yesterday.

And we still need MUCH more. Pictures of the place soon :]

But anyway... I've been strict GF for about a week and feeling great. The strangest thing though... I have dreams about eating bread and wake up sick to my stomach. Talk about your placebo pills.

So how about eats? Last night was a temping night at work. I love sushi with lots of soy sauce. But what I love even more are Cajun Rolls. Mmm cajun rolls. Spicy crab meat wrapped in rice, seaweed and DEEP FRIED. Heaven. Working the sushi bar last night I had to serve at least 70 cajun rolls. Some unfinished. But I resisted the temptaion. However I did pilfer away at one of these bad boys-

Filet Mingon roll. Crabmeatand asparagus roll topped with Filet Mingnon, spicy mayo and chives. Best of all didn't burst my Gluten Free bubble!
About to go have some lunch. Wow LONG post.

So question....

How expensive was it when you first left the nest?

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  1. Oh girl, I feel ya. In college I waitressed part time while I was a full time student and I was always pinching pennies. It set me up on a good path for life though- being able to budget and all. Hang in there :)


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