Festival Season!

I keep disappearing this week don't I? For the last 2 days I have been a sushi slave working 12 hours straight through. So the last two days have consisted of a lot of food that looks like this...

But I got this Sunday off just in time for the beginning of the food festival season here in North Texas. Growing up in New York, I'm used to good food, and lots of things going on every day at all hours. But Texas isn't exactly structured that way. Things are very easy going, and the food is honestly pretty terrible, unless you like Mexican, barbecue and fried food. Which I do not. So every year I look forward to the fall when nearly every town in the DFW and beyond are puts together some sort of weekend festival featuring lots of shopping, rides, and food. This week: Grapefest.

This morning I got started with a nice big bowl of oats...

And got into a Texan looking outfit. Usually I opt for a sundress, but I went with shorts so I could wear walking sneakers, so I didn't look like a fashion disaster.

The streets are set up with pavilions featuring everything from local artists to major businesses like car companies and banks.

And of course the rides. Which I really really dislike. I get dizzy to point of getting incredibly sick.

Charles however, is all about it considering his main goal in life is go sky diving. But when he saw the price, we both passed big time. But we couldn't skip the food.

Was that Gluten Free? Don't know. Don't care. Texas Fair Corndogs are world famous for being delicious. And as long as I loaded up on enzyme, I was a very happy camper.

Charles went for a snowcone. Which was no surprise to me considering he drinks snowcone syrup out of a glass.

And there was quite the crepe selection. Mmmm.

But we both skipped out on the Steak on a Stake.

After we were completly stuffed and overheated, we went to chill in a book store for an hour or so.

Where I read about why I have cellulite.

As I looked at my spider veins. Apparently I drink too much???? Er no. I don't drink alcohol of any type at all. So I guess I blame it on my blood huh?

So after today, I'm stoked for the other festivals :) I just love big events. If I weren't so poor I'd move back to New York. So what's still to come? Oktober Fest, A Few Greek Food Festivals, and of course The Texas State Fair.

So Question:

What's something that goes on in your state/ town that you look forward to every year?
And do you suffer with cellulite? What do you blame it on? Genetics?


  1. Oh man I LOVE going to festivals :) I get dizzy on those rides too, I can take amusement park rides, but not the fair ones. I don't usually buy hardly anything, but it sure is fun to look around at all the vendors, see the entertainment, and if nothing else, people watch. Festival crowds sure can be interesting! I like going to the Greek festival near where I live, as well as this arts/music festival called ComFest. There's a big Irish festival in my area too, and I always look forward to that. I love the music and seeing Irish dancing.

    I have a liiiitle bit of cellulite at the top of my thighs but I don't worry about it too much. I'm not really sure what caused it in my case, I don't drink much and I'm pretty healthy, but my mom has it too, so yeah, probably just going to chalk that one up to genetics.

  2. I really love your necklace in your outfit photo! Where did you get it?

    I love Halloween in New York City. It's one of the biggest events here and both kids and adults take it VERY seriously. :)


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