Guess where I was...

A place where my dad could offer meercats diet coke through glass...

A place when you can see popular bears... but I missed out on the unpopular ones I guess...

And Bengal Tigers...

Ok maybe not so much the last one. But I went to the Fort Worth Zoo today! I know, a very mature choice. But, let's be honest who doesn't enjoy just going back to basics to generate fun sometimes. I'm not the kind of college student who gets wasted, so the zoo is a great alternative. And it's really beautiful scenery aside from the animals as well...

Before the zoo, I started out my day stumbling out of bed a little bit late because I was feeling incredibly weak. So I decided to go with a power breakfest of Egg Whites, Annie's Organic Ketchup (which has great flavor that I love) and one of my smoothies (intest restore powder, pom juice, flax oil, strawberries, and mango).

That kept me really full through out the day at the zoo! Even after watching my dad (who claims to be on Jenny Craig) scarf down a whopper. Which I personally don't really like anyway... but still. Sometimes you really want that greasy, crappy food. I CRAVE pizza hut uncontrollably sometimes. But considering that whole gluten intolerant thing... its not a good idea. Neither was finding a half way decent lunch at the zoo. So I held out until 3:30 pm to eat, and then went with....

You guessed it. Sushi from work. I feel so dynamic. >_<. But this was really good! Lion roll (crab, scallion, masago, etc) and spicy crabmeat roll. YUM. After Charles got home from work, we went to IHOP where I watched him put all of this away.

And can you tell how thin he is? So fair right? Later after seeing my dad eat a chocolate chip cookie I went and got myself a Gluten Free one.

Honestly.... it had the consistency of cat litter. Bleh.
If you're GF, I'd skip out on these. Enjoy life has some good stuff. Some of their cereals aren't half bad. But baked goods? I prefer to make them myself from a Betty Crocker gluten free mix... or from scratch :)


I got my first ticket. For the most RIDICULOUS thing ever. I still don't really understand why. The town I live in notoriously gives tickets like crazy, but I still think it was unwarranted. I was turning right on a very busy road and was stopped at a stop sign. I was going to work and was trying to get out fast so after about 2 minutes of waiting, I turned quickly into the right lane when there was the first decent break in traffic. Not cutting anybody off. However, there was a motorcycle cop near by that pulled me over, told me I was doing something highly illegal and I was trying to flirt my way out of a ticket. Basically what he got at was I was about to cut somebody off in the left lane... after I had turned into and committed to the right lane. Like my blinker was already off. I begged, "Please, this is the first time I've gotten pulled over. I'm only 19 and trying to get to work. This really is a busy road and its very hard to get out. Please can I just get a warning?" But no. $107. That's a lot of money for me right now. Why you ask? 3 words. College student/ waitress. I was really aggravated... I'll let you know what I do for sure.

So question: Have you ever gotten a ticket that's seemed really unfair and nit picky?

...and on a lighter side, what's your favorite zoo? :)


  1. My favorite zoo is the Berlin Zoo -- I studied in Germany for a month in college and I loved visiting that zoo! The best part was watching them feed the lions these huge ass steaks!

  2. I have yet to get a ticket...luckily I've been able to cry my way out of 3 haha...but once I got pulled over for having tinted windows and watched like 5 cars drive past with tinted windows--I was SOO annoyed! $107 is sooo much when you are in college...I feel your pain!

    That sushi looks good :D Have a wonderful day!

  3. Crying! Why didn't I think of that?! Haha I think I was just too bitter to generate any emotion other than "pissed".


Thank you so much for reading! You're comments mean a lot. I mean every single one :)