Tornado Tuesdays....

Ok maybe not exactly Torando's... but almost! And at the very least there most definetly was a lot of rain. So much that as I skipped out on driving to school altogether >_<>

As I sat around waiting for him to get ready, I ate some Vans Gluten Free Waffles, with this Kirkland brand jelly.

Vans GF waffles are my ultimate GF diet staple! But as I looked out the window, I couldn't even see my car that was parked only a few yards away. That's how bad it was. Campus was literally a sea of umbrella's...

And rainboots... (those are mine)

But despite the rain I actually had a really great nutrition lecture this morning. My professor talked about organic items, and our need for fruits and vegetables. And he said what I've believed all along "If you want vegetables, just eat a carrot. If you drink a V8, all of the mystery ingredients basically cancel out the little bit of vitamin A you got out of there. And if it comes in a bag, or a jar, its not organic. If you grow it in a tree in your own backyard, THAT is organic. The FDA has their own definitions but when it all boils down to it, its all processed at some point. And who wants politicians telling you how to eat anyway??" Wise words :)

After my dad drove me home through the still pouring rain, and the screaming tornado sirens...

I went and got a spicy crab roll (my fourth this week!) at my work.

Speaking of which... I have done the ultimate mix or work and home. My boyfriend now works as a server at my resturant with me. He is a eyeware salesman but after getting the entires stores hours cut, he picked up a job with me for some extra cash. I mean, that place is no stranger to coworker relationships. And my parents worked together for years. But I guess we'll see....

Oh and incase you missed it....

The flat faced kitty convention of 2010 was hosted today on my window. It was a great turn out.

Off to the gym! In the rain.... BLEH.

But one more thing...

Whats your opinion on things like V8 and organics?

And could you ever work with your significant other?


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I think organic produce is really important especially with all the junk out there today, however I do believe it can go too far. My mom put me on this all organic diet in highschool and I couldnt eat ANYTHING unless it was labeled organic. You know how hard it is to eat like that in highschool? lol


    And I wish I could go to nutrition lectures... seriously. Anyways, I like to think of it with my clients in terms of good, better best. v8 would be good, regular fresh squeezed tomato juice would be better, and a whole tomato would be best!

    Everyone is at a different place in their health journey, so everyone has to start somewhere :)

  3. Love the rain boots! They are so essential in college.

    I agree with your nutrition prof, but I also think that for some people in a transition state to being healthier they should be encouraged to drop the soda and drink a V8! However, I do agree that organic is best :)

    I have worked with a guy I dated and after we broke up it was awkward haha FAIL. So, now I try to stay out of dating in the work place!

    Have a wonderful day!!

  4. Thank ya!! Rainboots were from Charming Charlie :)

    And I agree that for some people a V8 is better than nothing... and sometimes organic is better. But personally, I'd rather just get to the point and just eat basil grown off my balcony when I want organic basil and eat a carrot when I want a vegetable. But hey, that's just me. And it's all situational. And yes everyone does have to start somewhere :)

  5. i've been loving vans lite waffles, tooo!! soooo good. cute boots, btw!


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