Homework never goes away...

Homework isn't just for kindergarten-college students. But learning a new job is homework, doing homework with your kids, and doing your work when you're at home is homework. Bleh, bad news right? I spent the entire day doing homework...

I loaded up on ice coffee... which my kitten began to lick

What a freak.

Then he decided that he didn't want me to do homework anymore.

After I shooed him away, he didn't get too far before he passed out.

To break up the day a little bit, I went to yoga in my VS pink yoga pants. :) my fav's

I look freaky with my bangs back. But anyway, today's class was ridiculous! Anyone who takes yoga know's that every instructor is different right? Some instructors take their sweet time, others go at a ridiculous pace. I had the latter today. I swear, not a single pose was held for over one second. Never before have I seen more people moan and groan on a mat, since preschool when the teacher told us nap time was over.

After a semi relaxing experience, I went to go to a very aggravating one. Paying my ticket. Not only was I charged the price of $150, I am being forced to take defensive driving. That's right. A SIX HOUR COURSE on top of the fine. All for "not yeilding at a stop sign"... which doesn't even make sense. I must admit, I was border line rude to the clerk that gave me this news. I wanted to tell her, "It's funny how the police force in this town thinks stop signs are yeild signs. And how not being a full time student, and having a full time job AND supporting myself isn't enough to do already for a 19 year old. You just had to throw on defensive driving. Thanks!" But I held my tounge. But honestly, I have not driven through that town once in my 6 years of living in this area without seeing at least 3 cops pulling someone over. The whole town is just nothing but a ticket trap.

After I cooled down a bit and accepted this lame situation, I threw some shrimp on the barbie for dinner.

These were really weird shrimp. I looked through my parents fridge and all I found were salad shrimp. So I just crammed them on a skewer and prented they were bigger. Seasoned with some pepper, olive oil, and dijon mustard. It was tasty :)

30 Days Of Self Love
So one of my favorite blogs, Faith Fitness Fun, is featuring a month of 30 days of self love. It got me thinking about my own views of myself. You can read more about it here, but I have a history of bad body image. I have done everything from restricting, to binging, to over exercising, to just giving up. And I mean there are so many things thrown at us girls/ women today saying what we should look like! And I've let them influence me a lot in the past. So my friends I give you a list that I had mentally complied while I was in High School....

Top 5 Women that I've wanted to look like

  1. Bar Refaeli
2. Zooey Deschanel
3. Kendra Wilkinson

4. Marissa Miller

5. Lindsay Lohan (when she was normal)

But who is the only person I can look like?

Me. And no amount of restricting, over exercising, plastic surgery, or crying in front on the mirror is ever going to change that. And after I a lot of learning to accept that fact, I've learned to love it.

“Why compare yourself with others? No one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you.”

And a question as well....

When did you learn to accept yourself as you are? And if you haven't, what do you feel is your biggest obstacle that is stopping you from doing so?


  1. So true that we can only look like ourselves! We should never focus on being someone us...just the best version of ourselves with a focus on the best version from the inside. Great post!!

    And your cat is too cute. :) Thanks for your extremely kind email as well!

  2. Hey girl, just found you :) I'm a dietetics major myself so we def have some similar interests! Also, that's really great that you've accepted that you can only be yourself. It's so easy to fall into the trap of comparing looks, intelligence, anything, to others, but ultimately (as Tina also just wrote) we need to realize it's not a competition and we just should strive to be the best version of ourselves :)

  3. Gosh I have spent so many hours wishing to me someone else. I have prayed so many prayers asking to look like someone else. It took me a while to realize the only person I can be is ME. Now that I have figured that out, all I want to be is the BEST me I can be.
    Cute yoga outfit btw. It makes me want to go shopping :)

  4. It's so strang how different instructors can have complete opisite teaching styles- it seems like there should be a norm. In my training, we learned to go one breath, one movement at the beggining to warm up and then the poses are held for longer- especially the deep stretches. But hey, moving a lot makes for a killer workout, too! Your yoga pants are super cute by the way :)

  5. Love this post!! Haha and I like how your cat is all up in your homework! My cats get the same way, whenever I need to actually get stuff done, they come and lay on top of all my papers.
    And as for body image, it's so important for everyone to know that they are beautiful!! Of course it's easier said than done, I sometimes have a hard time with my own body look.
    PS: Love the gym outfit! VS has great yoga stuff


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