Little annoyances...

Sorry I've been MIA! The last few days have been work, school and homework all right up against each other. Today however, I woke up with quite the fever and the sinus headache so I'm stuck on the couch until further notice. Which is annoying for sure. But I mean "annoying" is a part of life. No I'm not saying that people should walk around being annoyed all of the time, but you know those people that are happy all of the time? It's like "oh, thats nice! You're happy... again... and again". Being a happy person is great, but being fake is another thing. So lets face it we all get annoyed. And the past 2 days have been pretty darn annoying...

So lets start out on Tuesday morning. I woke up right on time, left right on time. However it took me literally 45 minutes to park. And when I did it was way off campus. So after running onto campus with very little time to spare before class started, I made a quick stop at the vending machine. After digging for $1.25 in change to get some water, this is what I get...

That's right. $1.25.

While walking down to the stairs, and out of my the building to my next class, I hear some weird muffled music, until I saw this rather strange sight.

A D.J. in the middle of campus. Actually a rather unpopulated part of campus. When I first saw it all I could do was laugh at the strange concept. The muffled music sound carried through to my next class, which had kept me smiling and giggling. Until the chorus of "Your love is my drug" played about 3 times in a row... and then again...and again... and again. Until I finally got out of class about 30 minutes later to find the DJ not at his post...

But across the way talking to some girls while leaving the same chorus looping over and over for the entire campus to hear.

Only slightly annoying right?

But there were other interesting things going on on campus that day. But this one was pretty cool...

These are huge paper boards that just had words like "Abortion", "Feminism", "Obama", and students were able to grab a marker and just write what they think. Pretty cool huh?

After coming home from a little bit of an off day of school, thing began to look up. I got out a really eccentric dinner of oatmeal with blueberries, and edamame. Hey it fruits, veggies, and whole grains huh? ;)

Afterwards I got into the gym and had a great workout of two hours! Starting out with a weight class, followed by my favorite, Turbo Kick. This was all followed by more homework of course, and after all of this I worked up and appetite. So I text my boyfriend at work and ask him to bring me home sushi. He agrees. Now sushi is serious business to me. It gets excited, and once I get my mind set on sushi, I can't think of anything else. But when he came home, he had forgotten the sushi. After my initial dissapointment, I took the childish route and kinda acted standoffish when he asked me what I wanted him to make for me. I just kinda went into the shower and decided I wasn't going to have dinner. Until I got out and found this...

Now hashbrowns aren't my first choice for dinner, but it was undeniably cute. And after being annoyed the entire day, it just made me think "Well that was all dumb now wasn't it?". It's all part of being human, but I'd rather be happy anyday :)


What really annoys you to the point that you can't ignore it?


  1. I would have to say, it really bothers me when I get home from a 16 hour day of work and school, and the hubby isn't home when I get there. He is next door hanging out with our neighbor watching football or on his video game, so not mentally there. I like a little bit of attention after a long day.

  2. Thanks for your comment!! I'm loving your blog so far.. the "forgive me" plate is SO cute! What a good boyfriend you have. And we have turbokick at my school but I haven't tried it. What's it like?? Can't wait to read more!

  3. Turbokick is amazing! It's a choreographed cardio kick boxing workout, and when I first started it, my fat content went down like 5% and I lost around 15 lbs. Not to mention it's a great ab workout.

    I sound like an infomercial >_< haha but check it out. It's so much fun :)

  4. Your boyfriend is cute for doing that! Great job on your workout!! I love when I get a good workout in. Also, at my college weird stuff is ALWAYS going on the campus. We have this preacher who literally preaches about hell and stuff EVERY warm day in the middle of the lawn. So annoying!

    But we have 2 fridges for us girls. It shouldn't be terrible, but I'm still nervous about this year!

    Have a great night :)


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