What blogging has done for me so far...

Hello my little monsters...

This woman is pretty much the only reason I'm watching the VMA's right now. She's so delightfully ridiculous and eccentric! You may say she's crazy, you may say she's amazing, but we can all agree she has a lot of moxie.

So today was a chill Sunday. Starting out with a late awakening because of a rough nights sleep. My boyfriend claims I was speaking Hungarian in my sleep! >_< My mom is off the boat Hungarian, therefore making me 50% Hungarian and able to speak/ understand the language at some point. But that was a veryyy long time ago. So apparently my subconcious can still speak Hungarian....? Who knows. But when I woke up I did not have a craving for goulash, but some oatmeal with blueberries.

As I sat at the table eating alone while Charles got ready for work, my kitten joined me so I wouldn't have to eat alone :)
So cute. His name is Fonzie by the way :) 4 month old little persian

Afterwards I got up in the gym to work on muh fitness. Workout consisted of:
  • 45 min ellpitical
  • 15 min of Ab work including V-Ups, planks, crunches and lots of oblique work.
I refueled with a really nice little salad. With romine lettuce, salad shrimp, feta cheese, and bell peppers.

Oh and I may or may not have drowned it in green goddess dressing.

But anyway... if you're a reader of my blog you'd know that I haven't been at this for long now. I started one just because I really enjoyed reading others. But it's really been a positive little experience thus far and I wanted to share it with you guys :)

My Blogging Benifits Thus Far

  1. I haven't bought a single magazine since I've started. So I used to have a crazy magazine addiction. Things like Shape, Women's Health, and Yoga magazines were regular buys for me. I loved the pictures of the pretty food, the pretty people and the little blurbs about health and food. Ever since I've been more invested in blogging, these needs have been meet. My expensive habit has been broken :)
  2. I've tried so many new things. So many recipies, so many foods, so many exercise. All which I have enjoyed!
  3. I've gained a better or more personal sounding pen. In the past all of my papers for school were so overly formal. We learn to write what the writing style is in what we're reading. And writing in 1st person on my blog so much, and reading other people doing so has given me a new writing style in school that's really given me some good grades so far :)
  4. It's put the passion back into my major. As a dietetics major, I obviously love food. But the actual classes are so sciene based it makes me sick sometimes. But the more I focus on health and food outside of school, the more I apply it to the boring science courses. There fore enjoying it that much more.
  5. I've made some nice email buddies. Talking to people with your own interests is always a nice treat!
  6. I lost 5lbs and my pants are nice and loose! The more I really analyze what I eat, the less crap I eat.
Thanks blog and bloggers! My grades, wallet and my pants thank you all! :D


What do you find are the benefits of you reading blogs? Or having your own? What is it that keeps you coming back to your favorite and putting the effort into your own blog?


  1. I think Gaga is a freak... in a totally awesome, genius way :)

    I totally agree with you on what I've learned from blogs... I'm relatively new, too and love all the new recipes and food combos I've come across, the exercise motivation I've gained and the community I've become a part of! Bloggers rule :)

  2. Ever since I started reading blogs I have found that my interest and time towards "Celebrity Entertainment" websites has diminished to next to nothing. This is awesome! I feel as if I am no longer fixated looking like celebrities but more concerned about being healthy and striving to for balance like my fellow bloggers! :) One of the benefits of having my own is creating what Caitlin and other bloggers call "blends"; it's refreshing to share common interests and views about life. I always find that the blogs that I have the most interest in, are not the ones that have the prettiest pics (although they are pretty awesome), not the ones that give me a food journal of their day (although I do enjoy getting ideas on what to eat); but rather I love the ones that are honest, relatable, and are just themselves :)

  3. haha...ohhh lady gagaaa....

    i loveee blogs for inspiring new to me eats! also being able to relate to the writers...fake "everything is alwayys perfect in my life" blogging is such a turn off. its about getting through things together! :)

    love the kitten pictures! sooo cute.

  4. I share a lot of those benefits as well. :) Especially the one about trying new things. Sure, I eat a lot of similiar meals throughout the week, but nothing compared to how I was before blogging. I remember being scared to start a blog because my meals were so boring and repetative..but blogging's already changed that so much! Plus I no longer follow recipes..instead I make them up :) Being able to call something your own instead of saying it was adapted from some recipe is very satisfying. Besides eating habits and food, I've met sooo many awesome people who I'll hopefully have the chance to meet in real life some day!

    It's chanced so much in just a few months..can't wait to see what happens down the road!

  5. Very true, all those things you wrote about blogging. I've only been blogging myself for a short period of time, but I've been reading personal health & fitness blogs for several years now. I used to read only celebrity gossip websites but I've definitely lost a lot of interest in that. Hearing about other peoples' lives in a first hand account is much more interesting to me, and everyone online seems to be so creative. I love getting new ideas and inspiration from the blogosphere. I've definitely become healthier too, since I struggled with some disordered eating back in high school. In the online community it seems like there are a lot of other bloggers who went through similar issues and its nice to have others to relate to and share experiences with. Oh and one big thing I can attribute to blog-reading? My oatmeal obsession! Haha. But I think we are all a little oatmeal obsessed, really ;) I really hope to meet some fellow bloggers one day, I think it's cool that the internet has allowed so many people to connect in this way :)

  6. your cat is so adorable! thank you for commenting on my blog so i could find yours....i have found blogging to be immensely fun - the greatest hobby ever!

  7. love gaga! and cute cat!
    i love blogging too. i love the friends i have made through the blog world and the constant inspiration to stay healthy and eat well :)


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