Work Woe's...

Phew. Working hard this week! And time=money right? The more I work the more I make? Not necessarily... This week I broke an average of $19 in tips for all of my dinner shifts. That's over 6 hours of work for $19 in tips. When I usually can make anywhere from $50-80. Bad week right? Hopefully just one bad week.

However, this week when I looked at the schedule I saw the name of the owners wife written on who had just had a baby and used to be a server there as well. Consequently, all of the rest of the server shifts were cut in half. As for me, I only work Friday next week. When I generally work, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

After this crushing blow, I walked through the door of my home last night, slammed the door and said "SCREW THIS! I'M BECOMING A HOOTERS GIRL!" Did you know that at a normal restaurant tips are an average of 15-20%, when at Hooters the average is 50% and can be as high as 100%. That's right. The Breasturant Business is booming even in the bad economy. Places like Hooter, Bone Daddy's, Twin Peaks, Tilted Kilt and the worst inuendo yet, Big Racks, aren't affected by the economy. This sounds like a great idea right? But looking a little closer. There are a lot of issues here....

Why I couldn't be a Hooters Girl:

  • You can't tie your hair up. Did you know that Hooters girls can be fired on the spot for having their hair tied up, or wearing bobby pins? My hair is rather long, and it gets rather hot. Not good for working conditions.
  • Late hours. The latest I work at my restaurant now is 11pm. And sometimes that's too much for me!
  • I would punch somebody in the face. Whenever older men get suggestive with me, I have no fear in putting them in their place.
  • My dad and boyfriend would punch somebody in the face. What kind of father want's their daughter to work at a place like that? And what boyfriend wants older men oogling their girlfriend?
  • Their uniform only comes in one size. XS.
  • I really do think it's degrading. Growing up I always thought it was ridiculous for women to just throw on a skimpy outfit to get more money. I mean, they're not taking their clothes off right? But it's still a little risque. I thought this opinion may change as I get older. But no... not really.
  • I don't look like this-
I look like this-

I'm not ugly. But I a'int no hooters girl. And degrading myself for more cash isn't the answer. Some other job that let's me wear full length pants will come along :)

Until then I'm off to do homework! I'll have a more relevant post later. And hopefully a new job by then too...

So question..

Could you ever see yourself working at a breasturant?

What did you do during college to earn cash?


  1. It's probably just a bad week! You'll do better this week :) Have a good day!

  2. Nope, there's no way I'd ever work somewhere like Hooters. But I do know several girls from my graduating class who are employed there. One even worked there during her senior year of high school!!! :/ I didn't work last year because I couldn't find a job, but this year I applied to be an office assistant in my dorm and I reeeeally hope that works out because it would be super convenient.

  3. I don't think I could do it. Maybe if I looked the part and was DESPERATE for money.. MAYBE.

    Hope work gets better for you!

  4. Does the uniform SERIOUSLY only come in one size? Obviously, they only hire one size of woman

  5. Girl I could NEVER work at Hooters, my "hooters" just aren't hootering enough, haha. I feel ya! You are absolutely gorgeous, by the way!

  6. Crazy how Hooters girls make so much money. I never could work there, mainly because I'm not thin enough. :) I worked retail to earn money in college. It got me through.

  7. pretty!!! i like the pictures!!!
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